Culbuto – Urban Compost Solution



Compost heaps can be difficult to manage.

On the positive side there is the desire to recycle all the veg peelings and other organic waste from the kitchen.
On the negative side is the fear of bad smells and the attraction for rodents or other undesirables.
The solution has often been to put the compost heap as far away as possible from the house, down the bottom of the garden.
However that’s not very convenient during the winter months when you need to go and dump stuff.
Finding space to compost is another big issue for folks in cities, who only have a small area for a garden, yard or terrace.

This new Culbuto composter is the answer to all these situations and issues.
To produce good compost it needs to be kept dry.
The heat produced in the break down process needs to be kept in and the liquors need to be allowed to escape.
The compost process also improves with aeration, hence the use of the specially designed drums.



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