Biodegradable Pots



We have sourced two types of biodegradable pots.


One range FERTILPOT is made of vegetal fibres (wood).

It is suitable for ornamentals, nursery, forestry, as well as home gardeners. Its permeability for water, air and roots is excellent while also holding its form. With FERTILPOT, roots pierce very quickly through the pot, used for faster growth, a great root system, and a good recovery without transplant shock. When the plant is planted or re-potted you don’t need to remove the pot so there is no transplant shock; the non-deformation of the root system ensures that the plant is well anchored. FERTILPOT degrades quickly and turns into organic matter. The rate of degradation depends on various factors. For a spring planting and in a temperate climate, only a few pieces of the pot are still visible after a few months.


The other range of pots is recyclable, roots will not grow through it.

It needs to be removed before planting and is then left in a suitable place to disintegrate in its own time.
This is more suitable for planting that will stay in the pot for long periods, trees, shrubs, ,etc.


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